About the smart WOOFBOWL system


Smart System

A smart electronic system controls the water temperature. It keeps the water always between 17 °C and 22 °C.


Level Sensor

A water level sensor keeps the bowl full all the time. When the water level drops, the bowl refills immediately.


Heating System

Heating system makes sure the water in the bowl doesn’t freeze due to low, sub-zero temperatures.


Excellent Materials

Water bowls are made out of non-hazardous materials, so they are perfectly safe for animals.

We invest all of our time and energy into every single project. Our main goal is to do all the work for you. Therefore we design, build and install everything that is necessary for a flawless operation of our products. Plus, we offer maintainance.



Want to know how the construction would look next to your building or branded with your logos? Our design team will be happy to assist you.



We have the resources to prepare everything for the installation to begin. From preparing the surface to laying cables and water.



The installation is the most important step in the process of getting our ISLANDS running. Our team of experts will make sure everything is working properly and that everything is as agrred.



Our products require little maintainance, but it still has to be done professionally. Therefore, we offer maintainance or provide training for your staff.

Ready to become dog friendly?
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An innovative water bowl that keeps your dog's water fresh and chilled.

The Home Edition water bowl runs completely autonomous and without electricity. It is an auto refill temeprature sensitive water bowl that keeps the water bowl always filled with fresh and  properly chilled water. The temperature sensor makes sure that the water temperature is always between 17° C and 22° C. A water level sensor keeps the bowl full all the time. When the water level drops, the bowl refills immediately. Consequently your dog has fresh and chilled water all the time. And the whole system runs without electricity. Just plug the Home Edition on to an oridnary garden hose and you are good to go.

We think broader.

When developing our products we always think about the solutions that would make our products less wasteful. Therefore we designed the Home Edition in a way that not a single drop of water goes to waste. The opening on the side enables you to plug on an ordinary garden hose and water your garden or flowers with the excess water.

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Most Popular Questions

Every ISLAND EDITION is a different project. It depends on the location and additional work that needs to be done in order to make everything working. Just send us an inquiry here or contact us at info@woofbowl.com or through our social media accounts and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate price.

It takes around 7 working days for orders to arrive within the EU and 10 working days for Worldwide orders. We ship with DHL and provide a tracking code. Please, remeber that customs charges might apply when ordering your product and that we do not cover those fees. Check out our Terms of Use and learn more.

Currently we do not accept PayPal or Credit Card. We were working with Braintree, but weren’t satisfied with their service. But don’t worry, we are looking for a new payment provider, so in the meantime you can order the HOME EDITION through our website and wire the money directly when you get the invoice. Our support team will be happy to assist. 

Excellent! Feel free to contact us on info@woofbowl.com and our support team will make sure to forward your mail to the right adress.